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Deborah de Koning – De revitalisering van Ravana: Een verkennend onderzoek naar hedendaagse voorstellingen van Ravana onder Sinhalezen in Sri Lanka

This explorative article revolves around contemporary views on Ravana as one of the components of Ravanisation – i.e., the current revitalisation of Ravana among Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The Ravana myth – exceeding its previous incarnation in the early twentieth-century Hela movement in which it was only a myth of marginal importance – plays […]

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Paul Post – Afwezig ritueel: proeve van een typologie

This article wants to explore absent ritual as a more or less ritual repertoire of its own by distinguishing a series of forms or types of manifestation, use and appropriation. In addition to emerging ritual, grassroots ritual, failed ritual, transferred ritual, and postponed ritual, there is also absent ritual. Absent ritual is always accompanied by […]

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Ronit Nikolsky – De functie van parabels (mesjalim) in de Tanchuma

This article takes the narrative nature of parables seriously and looks at their role from this perspective. After theorizing the role of stories from a ‘culture and cognition’ perspective, four meshalim from the Tanhuma Midrashim are studied: ‘Grasshoppers in a jar’ (about the Tower of Babel), ‘Abraham’s circumcision’, ‘The baby on the table’ (about the […]

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Albertina Oegema, Jonathan Pater en Martijn Stoutjesdijk, Alleen bruiden, slavinnen en weduwen? De rol van vrouwen in vroegrabbijnse vroegchristelijke gelijkenissen

Some scholars have argued that the parables attributed to Jesus in the New Testament featuring women as characters have had a specifically radical and liberating quality for women within early Christianity. The present article challenges a similar appreciation of the texts by comparing them to rabbinic parables which use the same imagery and narrative techniques. […]

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