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Peter Nissen – Rationeel versus emotioneel geloven

Believing Rationally Versus Believing Emotionally This essay critically reviews the opposition between believing in a rational way and believing in an emotional way, believing with reason or with the heart. Its objective is not to determine which way of believing has to be considered as being of a higher quality than the other. It rather […]

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Ashley Terlouw – Religie, recht en de kennis van goed en kwaad

Religion, Law and Knowledge of Good and Evil It is not sufficient to take a purely formal approach to the question whether laws are just, as Witteveen does in his ten nomoi. Laws should not only meet procedural norms, but should also adhere to material and moral standards. Religion is one of the sources for […]

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Christoph Hübenthal – Orthodoxy or How to Assess the Quality of Faith

This article attempts to show that the performance of personal and communal Christian faith bears an intrinsic criterion by means of which its quality is to be assessed. This criterion is orthodoxy. In order to substantiate the thesis, a thought experiment will be conducted. In the first part, the experiment demonstrates as to why a […]

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Hetty Zock – Gezond of ongezond geloof: Standaard, context, normativiteit

Healthy or unhealthy faith: Standard, context, normativity This contribution considers the functionality of religious beliefs and practices from the angle of the psychology of religion. The role of religion in the main standard for mental health (Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) is discussed and research findings about the relation between religion and mental health […]

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Hans Schilderman – Geloofskwaliteit, een probleemstelling

Quality of Faith This contribution elaborates the issue how to determine the extent to which a religious faith can meet certain standards of excellence, with an emphasis on religious definition and the means of quality assessment. After a short introduction into the use of the term ‘quality’, I distinguish between a private and a public […]

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Deborah de Koning – De revitalisering van Ravana: Een verkennend onderzoek naar hedendaagse voorstellingen van Ravana onder Sinhalezen in Sri Lanka

This explorative article revolves around contemporary views on Ravana as one of the components of Ravanisation – i.e., the current revitalisation of Ravana among Sinhalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka. The Ravana myth – exceeding its previous incarnation in the early twentieth-century Hela movement in which it was only a myth of marginal importance – plays […]

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Paul Post – Afwezig ritueel: proeve van een typologie

This article wants to explore absent ritual as a more or less ritual repertoire of its own by distinguishing a series of forms or types of manifestation, use and appropriation. In addition to emerging ritual, grassroots ritual, failed ritual, transferred ritual, and postponed ritual, there is also absent ritual. Absent ritual is always accompanied by […]

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